Loan Risk Analysis

The Analytics Team

  • Risk analytics practitioner on a mission to bring sexy back to data, and develop intuitive visualization tools that convert the overly complex into the rudimentary simple. When not immersed in digital story-telling to C-suite decision-makers, you can find him either sniffing race fuel at a Formula 1 venue, or monkey wrenching under a classic car.
  • Data scientist, economist, and sports enthusiast who empowers people and solves problems with data. He is on a mission to make the world a more data driven place. When not optimizing life with data, he is travelling the country or debating sports over beer.
  • Data scientist and recovering economist working to help companies move from hunch culture to data culture. Off the clock, he’s either traveling to dangerous and exotic places or avoiding the swim workouts he should really be doing to get ready for triathlon season.

The Viz Team

  • Computer engineer with an aptitude for data visualizations and building the backends to power them. When not in the server room or hacking on the terminal, he is working on ways to make things more efficient and following his other passions of city and transit planning.
  • Industrial and UX designer who believes data should be both insightful and beautiful. When not buried under post-it notes or tangled in wireframes, he is probably tinkering with a 3D printer or out wandering with a camera.
  • Software engineer aided by design and project management skills that allows him to paint with data; solving problems from how to catch a city bus, to how major utilities think about their networks. Outside of work, you can find him playing board games to ease the pain brought by another losing season by his beloved Chicago Cubs.

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